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Telephone Advice:
  • Receptionists are not qualified to offer medical advice

  • Nursing staff (when available) will offer phone advice at the direction of a doctor

  • Whenever appropriate, and at the discretion of the physician, same-day and in person appointments will be offered.

  • All test results are reviewed by the doctor. Patients will be called for a follow-up visit if laboratory or diagnostic tests are abnormal or at the discretion of the doctor.

Scheduling Appointments

Please refer here for our policies regarding appointments and scheduling.

Ministry Insured Services
Patients must present a valid health card at each visit.  If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, please visit or dial 1-800-267-8097 for information on obtaining a new one.
Prescription Refill Policy:


We believe that an appointment with the doctor is the best time to review your medications. Please bring all your medication bottles to each visit. 


If you require a prescription renewal, please book a follow up appointment.  If you require a prescription renewal urgently, please ask your pharmacy to fax this request to our office.  A fee may be charged by your doctor for this service as per our Uninsured Services Policy.

Medication Prescribing Policy

This office follows evidence-based guidelines for all prescriptions, including antibiotics, opioids(narcotics) and medications for stress-related condition.   The prescribing of some potentially habit forming medications may require a formal signed contract between patient and physician. Click here to view our opioid / benzodiazepine prescribing contract.

Referrals to Specialists

Before any referral is arranged, patients must be assessed by the family doctor for pre-consultation information-gathering and investigations.  This will facilitate a faster and more productive consultation.

"Uninsured" Services

Not all services are covered by the Ministry of Health. Our doctors bill patients directly for these services at rates in keeping with the Ontario Medical Association guidelines. Payment is due when the service is rendered (e.g. drivers licence form completion).  Our rates are on display in our waiting room and exam rooms. Please click here to view.

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