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Looking for Office Hours?


Contact us to schedule or reschedule an appointment today.  Call us at 613-433-5712.

Dr. Bodig's and Dr. Pinard's patients can book online by clicking HERE.

Dr. Clarke's and Dr. Di Paolo's patients can book online by clicking HERE.


Our Scheduling:


Your time and concerns are important to us.  We schedule 10 minutes for most visits. Periodic Health Examinations ("Physicals") and most Counselling sessions are allotted 20 minutes.  Please keep in mind that this time includes time for your doctor to document your visit in your medical record.  Please check in a minimum of 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  If your doctor is unable to tackle all of your concerns in one visit, s/he will book you back for a follow up.  Your doctors try to make themselves as available as possible.  They leave open appointment slots each day for urgent appointment requests. These time slots are limited however.  If your own family doctor is unable to see you on a particular day, one of his/her colleagues will likely be able see you; you may be seen by either a female or male physician.  In order to properly book your appointment, when you call, please provide our receptionist with a brief description as to the reason for your visit.


Cancelling Appointments:


We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice for any appointment rescheduling or cancelling.  This allows us to be more available to our patients by making available that time slot to another patient.  If a patient does not attend a previously scheduled appointment and does not provide 24 hours notice of cancellation/rescheduling, the doctor may charge that patient a "no show" fee as per our uninsured service policy.


We are located on the Upper Floor, West Side of the "Caring for Tomorrow" Building in Renfrew
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