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There are many common services - drivers physicals & most forms, for example - that are not covered by the the Ministry of Health.  For these services, your doctors charge fees according to the guidelines laid out by the Ontario Medical Association.  Payment is due at the time these services are rendered.

Services Not Covered by the Ministry of Health / "Uninsured" Services

Payment Options


We accept at our office, cash, cheque, credit card, debit card (tap to pay up to $100).


Form Completion


Save time when visiting the office by telling our staff what it is that you require help with, by filling in before hand the relevant portions of your forms (signatures, etc.), and by having your payment ready.


Although we will try to complete your forms on the day of your visit, some forms require more time and will need to be picked up on another day.



A complete list of our fees is on display in our waiting and exam rooms, and can can be downloaded here.


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