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Dear RMA Patients,

We know you are hoping to get your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible and are seeking the latest information. Here is what we know now (Apr 12, 2021).


We have not received the COVID-19 vaccine in our clinic.  Please do not call us at this time to try to book an appointment to receive the vaccine in our office. We will make every effort to let patients know if the vaccinatio distribution strategy changes. 

The eligibility criteria for each of the available vaccine is constantly changing in Ontario.  If you you are wondering whether or not you are currently eligible to receive a COVID vaccine (or your 2nd dose) or you would like to book an appointment to receive a COVID vaccination at the Renfrew vaccination clinic, please refer to our home page, www.renfrewmedicine.come, and click the link under "Latest Clinic News", or click here.


For more information about COVID vaccines visit the Ministry of Health website:

Please be assured that we will let you know if we have any vaccine and if you are eligible to receive it from us.


Your RMA Drs. Bodig, Clarke, Di Paolo, & Pinard

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